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Become an Electronic Circuits Designer

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The time when to get involved with designing electronic board had to churn the university have passed. Today there is enough space for amateurs and hobbyists because of its unique platform Arduino.

Consistent with wikipedia "The Arduino is a single-board microcontroller, ie a simple native open source board with integrated microcontroller and inputs / outputs, which can be programmed with the language Wiring (essentially this is the C ++ programming language and a set of libraries, also materialized in C ++). The Arduino can be used for the development of independent interactive objects and to connect a computer with programs Processing, Max / MSP, Pure Data, SuperCollider. Most versions of Arduino can be purchased pre-assembled; the diagram and hardware information is freely available to those who want to assemble the Arduino by themselves. "

If you then do not neglect to immediately start planning the official website of Arduino[...]

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