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Contract Electronics Design

Since 1997, Signal Electronics specializes in a broad spectrum of electronics circuit designs, pcb designs and technologies. We can take your project from an idea or specification to a fully functioning prototype ready for manufacturing, or even munufacture it for you.

Signal Electronics specializes in the following electronics design services:

  • Competitive design cost
  • Low cost consumer products
  • Rapid prototype design for the proof of concept of your product idea
  • Replacement of legacy hardware and parts with modern designs
  • Replacement of large through hole designs with smaller surface mount technology (SMT)
  • Production and maintenance of existing designs
  • Reverse engineering
  • PCB Layout
  • Excellenet, free phone support, at working hours 
  • Customizations for lower cost 

If you have an electronics project or product that you need designed or re-design and need a contract electronics consultant, please contact us

We are passionate engineers with the perspective of the end user!

Contact Person
John D. Kyriakidis
Electronics Engineer

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Thessaloniki, Greece, 546 35
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4, Kitrous Nikolaou Episkopou Str.
546 35, Thessaloniki, Greece
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