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Since 1997, Signal Electronics provides customers with custom Circuit and PCB design services along with assembly and production at a cost-effective solutions to suit your needs. We are passionate engineers with the perspective of the end user!

- Design, manufacture and production of electronic boards with all the specifications you desire
- Quality materials and spare parts of top quality from respective suppliers
- Excellent, free phone after sales support at working hours
- Competitive prices in design and production
- Customization of readily available devices and solutions for lower development cost

Contact Person
John D. Kyriakidis
Electronics Engineer

Address: 4, Kitrous Nikolaou Episkopou Str.
Thessaloniki, Greece, 546 35
Contact Telephone: 0030 2310208560
Mobile: 0030 6944968378
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4, Kitrous Nikolaou Episkopou Str.
546 35, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel.: 0030.2310.208.560 / 0030.6944.968.378


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